A downloadable super game for Windows

Player 1: WASD + VB (V Punch, B Taunt)
Player 2: Arrows + numpad 1 2 (1 Punch, 2 Taunt)

Taunts affect your Guts (defense) and Hot Blood (offense) gauges, and dodge all but one type of punch each; Taunting after your opponent will raise the tension (fireballs on screen), making everything faster! Use this advantage to punch your opponent fast! Every punch also has a move that counters it, so if you see your opponent use start an attack use the right counter!!

( Jab (no direction) beats uppercut, uppercut(Down) beats headbutt, headbutt (up) beats grab, grab(left) beats kick, kick(right) beats jab)

have fun yo

Install instructions

open the exe

press alt+enter to fullscreen

enjoy the video game


renegardz rager.zip 4 MB